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DId I Mention that My College Picks are 21-9
2008-10-16 19:43
by Scott Long

So last week I continued my mastery of the colleges with a 5-1 week, including hitting my first 4-star play with Michigan State, who covered by 16.  In the pro's I went 3-2, but did lose my first pro 4-star play. (Houston won, but just missed the spread number)  For the year I'm 10-6 on Top Plays.


3-star Purdue (+4) Northwestern

Georgia (-14.5) Vandy

Baylor (+17.5) Oklahoma St.

North Carolina (-4.5) Virginia

Colorado (-3.5) K-State

4-star Missouri (+4.5) Texas

As I mentioned last week, the Wildcats have been lucky and I suspect Purdue will come out with an outright win.  Before the season this was set to be a more than 4 TD spread, so I will take the much superior talent of Georgia.  The Big 12 has 2 games that are impacted because of last week.  The Cowboys upset Mizzou last week and have Texas on tap next week.  Can you say trap?  Texas won their game of the year, while Mizzou stumbled.  This week we see why Daniels is better than McCoy, as the Tigers win outright in my Big 12 Game of the Year.  Colorado is a more disciplined team.  In a case of an excellent coach versus a bad one, take Butch Davis over Al Groh.


NY Giants (-10) San Francisco

Kansas City (+9) Tennessee

Dalllas (-7) St. Louis

3-star New England (-3) Denver

Not a big fan of taking a team off a Monday Night game, but Coughlin should have his guy's focused after getting embarassed last week.  The Chiefs are miserable, but they do have a huge home field and the Titans are good, but not this much better on the road.  The Cowboys have lots of problems, but the Rams have many more.  As bad as the Pats have looked at times during this season, with a win here and a Bills loss, they could be tied for first.  I will always take Belichek over Shanahan, if given the chance. 

2008-10-16 21:08:09
1.   Gagne55
Expecting the Longhorns to go down? I like it.
2008-10-16 21:20:50
2.   Gagne55
A loss for the Longhorns? I like it.
2008-10-16 21:21:17
3.   tsengsational
=( I hope the 49ers prove you wrong.
2008-10-16 21:21:32
4.   Gagne55
Ok, I seriously thought my first post got eaten. It wasn't showing earlier. Oh well.
2008-10-16 21:22:54
5.   tsengsational
Oh and LJ is out for the chiefs. I think the Titans are going to kill them.
2008-10-18 09:00:26
6.   be2ween
Horns beat Mizzou. I predict.
2008-10-18 18:34:58
7.   Scott Long
I am getting my ass handed to me today. Even I take the Big Zip, I will have a good record, overall. This is what I am telling myself.
2008-10-19 09:58:32
8.   tsengsational
Well I'm glad the Longhorns won since my parents went there so I harbor warm feelings for them. Hoping Niners and Titans win today.

Oh Scott, if you bet on Clemson, my college, for the rest of the year I would not be surprised if they lost the rest of their schedule.

2008-10-19 16:41:05
9.   tsengsational
Yikes, not a great NFL day for you either. Chiefs horrid run defense + Titans awesome run offense + no legit chiefs QB and LJ out = blowout
2008-10-20 11:10:54
10.   Scott Long
Yikes would pretty much cover it. I knew the Chiefs should be a bigger dog, but they have a great record in their team history as a home dog. Of course, this didn't mean anything on Sunday.

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