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College Picks are 16-8. Top Picks are 8-4. First 4 Star Selections of the Season.
2008-10-11 07:40
by Scott Long


Iowa (-5.5) Indiana

Nebraska (+21.5) Texas Tech

4-star Michigan St. (-1) Northwestern

Arizona St. (+28.5) USC

Stanford (+7) Arizona

Wisconsin (+6) Penn State

Iowa is better than their record, while Indiana is not.  I think the Red Raiders haven't been really tested so far.  My first 4-star is the Big Ten Selection of the year.  The Spartans are right behind the Buckeyes, in a tier with Penn State and Wisconsin, while the Wildcats have been a great story, but I can't see where it will continue this week.  Michigan State wins by 17.  This is the Sun Devils chance at regaining some of their pre-season hype.  They keep it under 4 TD's.  The last 2 are home dogs, which is my favorite type of play.  Harbaugh and Bielema are 2 of the best young coaches in the country.


Tampa Bay (-1) Carolina

4-star Houston (-2.5) Miami

3-star Chicago (-2.5) Atlanta

3-star Indy (-3.5) Baltimore

Jacksonville (+3.5) Denver

I expect this will be the best slate of games to wager on during the NFL season.  The Bucs defense will shut down the Panthers running game.  I have no idea if I will even have another 4-star pro game in 2008, but Houston is a great play this week.  The Texans are much better than their record, while the gimmicky Dolphins are fun to watch, but they aren't a team who will have a winning record when they leave Houston.  Another team I can't see with a winning record is the Falcons, especially after the Bears defense blitzes rookie QB Ryan into mistakes.  The Colts are starting to get more healthy and while the Ravens have looked good, I like the Manning/Flacco match-up to be the major swing in the Colts winning by double digits.  The Jags are another team starting to get a bit more healthy, while the Broncos defense is terrrible. 

2008-10-11 17:12:03
1.   Scott Long
Is there anyone out there picking college games better than me? I am 5-0 for the day, which is 23-8 for the season, going into the Wisconsin game.

Let's look at today.

Iowa covered by 29.5 points.
Nebraska covered by 15.
Michigan State covered by 16. I even said for my Big 10 game of the year that the Spartans would win by 17. Exactly!
Arizona St covers by half a point. (phew)
Stanford covers by 8

I think I have missed the boat, as I put Wayne Root, Jim Feist, Danny Sheridan in the dust. All hail Scotty the Sleek.

2008-10-11 19:54:42
2.   Scott Long
Correction. After my big loss with Wisconsin, I am 5-1 for the day, which leaves me at 21-9. I will take it.
2008-10-11 22:52:53
3.   Gagne55
Scott, are these games you are betting on?
2008-10-11 23:00:22
4.   tsengsational
Hope he bet. He's scary accurate so far. I know you didn't "bet" on them, but who'd you favor in the three big ranked v ranked games today?
2008-10-12 18:03:08
5.   Scott Long
What is it that they say, these picks are for entertainment value only.

I just read the comments today, so I guess I can't answer you on the top games at this point. I was 3-2 today in the NFL, but I did miss my big NFL play, as the Texas won, but didn't cover. (missed it by that much---Maxwell Smart.)

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