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College Picks are 11-5. Top Picks are 8-3. People, I AM ON FIRE!
2008-10-02 15:13
by Scott Long

I have been bringing winners here week after week, so let see what we can do this time around.  For those keeping track, even my NFL picks are 8-6, so everything is clicking.


Oregon St. (+11.5) Utah

Cincy (-3) Marshall

Kentucky (+16.5) Alabama

3-star Auburn (-4) Vanderbilt

N.C. State (+9) Boston College

Iowa (+7.5) Mich. St.

Nebraska (+10.5) Missouri

Purdue (+13) Penn State

Considering how well I've done in the colleges, it would probably be wise to lighten up... I instead go with 8 picks.  The first is a classic trap game, as it is hard to see how the Beavers could be an 11 point dog to anyone.  I just don't believe the Utes are that good.  I am a big fan of the Bearcats' Coach Kelly and have been waiting for the right opportunity to play them, which I hope is this week.  Did you know that Vandy and Kentucky are undefeated?  The oddsmakers believe in the Commodores, but I think it will be easy like sunday morning for Auburn. Bama comes off the biggest win the program has had in a while, so I expect they will be flat.  Wolfpack's O'Brien was the coach at BC, so I suspect his team will come up with enough to keep it close.  I have been off Iowa all year and on Michigan State, but the Hawks have been a bit unlucky this year and I suspect this one will go down to the wire.  I bet against the Huskers homefield last week as a favorite, but I like them getting points in Lincoln.  The Boilers are another team that I like getting points at home, as Penn State usually finds a couple spots where they slip up during each season. 


Detroit (+3.5) Chicago

Philly (-6) Washington

Minnesota (+3) New Orleans

Not a fan of this week's Pro games. 



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