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Football Picks, Plus 2 Bloggers on 1 Radio Show
2008-09-19 10:06
by Scott Long


Alabama (-9.5) Arkansas

Tennessee (+7.5) Florida

(3-star) Ball State (+3.5) Indiana

Buffalo (+34) Missouri


(3-star) KC (+5.5) Atlanta

Oakland (+9.5) Buffalo

(3-star) Minnesota (-3) Carolina

(3-star) Cincy (+13.5) NY Giants

Green Bay (+3) Dallas

NY Jets (+9) San Diego

Last week was my first selections of the year.  I went 3-2 in colleges, 3-1 in the NFL, with my 3-star selections 3-1.  We are playing with the house's money!!

This week is all about the dogs.  America's top columnist, Jason Whitlock, discussed earlier in the year that his alma mater, Ball State, just might finish undefeated.  This is one of their 2 toughest tests.  This is the type of game where the Vols play to their potential.  Mizzou is a bit out in front of itself, though it probably is the closest thing the state has to a NFL-quality team. 

Hard for me to see where a team like the Falcons, who have a rookie coach and qb can be a 5.5 point favorite over anyone.  I had the Bills as my surprise team at the start of the year, but I think the Raiders will stay within a TD, as Buffalo has a letdown week.  The Vikings are better than they have shown, where the Panthers are the opposite.  Just think 10 months ago of how crazy a 13 point spread would appear with the Giants over the Bengals.  The NFC East isn't as good as it is being touted, as all the teams have pass defense weaknesses.  Dallas will be a bit flat, after an Eagles win on short rest.  The Chargers should be 2-0, but I don't like Coach Norv and the LT injury issues has me on Farve to make it another close game for San Diego.


I can't think of a sports radio show that I enjoy more than doing the Power Trip morning show on KFAN in the Twin Cities.  During my time on the show today, Aaron Gleeman came in studio to do a segment on the Twins.  He decided to throw me under the bus from the beginning, sharing that I'm a White Sox fan, which I doubt will help my ticket sales.  The show is the kind of circus I like to be part of and Gleester was good when he could get a word in with my constant blathering. 


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