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Arrogant Pricks
2004-02-04 10:40
by Will Carroll

I've been called arrogant so many times that like "irresponsible" or worse, it rolls off my back. I'm sure Lee Sinins and any other writer with an audience of more than ten is probably somewhat used to it. However, attacking someone with this claim is pretty lame. This post from a blog I'm unfamiliar with a blog I didn't remember, even though I emailed him about a good piece a couple weeks back ticked me off because it's simply so far off base. I did my count to ten and even waited a couple hours to type, but in the end it comes down to a personal attack on Lee, a pump for this guys friends, and a lot of meaningless words.

The answer, of course, was better said by Dayn Perry than anyone else I've heard. Beer or tacoes , he said, indicating that there should be some balance between sabermetrics and scouting. Indeed, scouting should be just another piece of information, but dislodging it's lofty place in baseball has caused something of a rift. This rift is as unnecessary as it is counterproductive.

Unless something can be measured, you need someone who can understand and filter, assigning it some sort of arbitrary value. There are men in baseball - and elsewhere - that can do this with some measure of accuracy. Chemistry? You won't help it by attacking Lee. Lee's a guy who is all ... hmm, which is beer and which is tacoes? ... he's all stats and unabashedly so. Rich is probably a nice guy and I hope I read him wrong or maybe he really did just get up on the wrong side of the bed, which is good, since the last thing we need is more arrogant pricks.

(Note: This post edited from the original.)

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