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NFL Preview
2008-09-07 20:17
by Scott Long

I didn't get a chance to post my predictions before Sunday, but take my word, this is how I saw the season before it kicked off. 

AFC East

  1. Pats
  2. Bills
  3. Jets
  4. Dolphins                                                                                                       

This is the most-improved division in football. The Pats are not as good as they have been, as age will start to catch up with them. The Bills are my surprise team, as they are a ball-control team with one of the top running backs in the league in Lynch.  Farve makes the Jets better, especially with the improved offensive line.  Even the Dolphins will make strides, but won't show that much in the record department, as the Bills and Jets have made big strides.

AFC South

  1. Colts
  2. Jags
  3. Titans
  4. Texans

Not a big difference between 1 and 4 in the NFL's best division.  The Jags are slightly better, but it is hard to bet against Manning.  Fisher is the best coach in the NFL and he will continue to get more out of his team than expected.  The Texans are as good as any team in the AFC North, but suffer from having to play 6 monster intra-divisonal games.

AFC North

  1. Steelers
  2. Ravens
  3. Browns
  4. Bengals

I wouldn't be surprised if 9-7 will win the North.  I will take the experience of Big Ben to help them slide by Baltimore.  The Browns were kind of fluky in 2007 and the Bengals are just a mess. 

AFC West

  1. Chargers
  2. Broncos
  3. Raiders
  4. Chiefs

Losing Merriman (it would appear) keeps me from picking the Bolts for the Super Bowl.  The Broncos will continue to be what they have become since Elway left, a 7 to 9 win team.  The Raiders are actually getting better, as Kiffin seems to have a clue.  The Chiefs are pretty bad, but they did have a great draft.

NFC East

  1. Cowboys
  2. Eagles
  3. Giants
  4. Redskins

The Cowboys are the only complete team in the NFC.  Not much difference between the Eagles and Giants. The Redskins won't be as lucky as they were last year. 

NFC South

  1. Saints
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. Carolina
  4. Atlanta

I like the Saints as long as Deuce is healthy, as he gives the team a ball-control element that helps their shaky defense.  Tampa will be right there, as long as Jeff Garcia stays healthy, which won't happen enough to surpass the Saints.  I'm not sure what is happening with the Panthers, but they need Julius Peppers to play like best lineman in the league, like he appeared he was on his way to becoming.  The Falcons made a great move picking up Michael Turner, but Ryan will be up and down during his rookie year.

NFC North

  1. Vikings
  2. Packers
  3. Bears
  4. Lions

I don't get the Vikings. They have a championship quality roster, except at quarterback where they are going with a major queston mark in Tavaris Jackson.  The Packers are right there, but I worry about what happens if Aaron Rodgers loses confidence or even worse, gets hurt. (rookie backup). The Bears are better off with Orton, as he won't lose the game. The Lions should throw the ball as well anyone, but their defense is way behind the other 3 in this division. 

NFC West

  1. Cardinals
  2. Seahawks
  3. Rams
  4. 49ers

I think the only team with a winning record will be Arizona.  I actually think they will win the division by 3 games, as Warner will have a monster year.  The Rams will be a lot better, as everything went wrong for them in 2007. 

AFC Wild Cards

Buffalo, Jacksonville

NFC Wild Cards

Packers, Eagles

Super Bowl

Jags versus Cowboys





2008-09-08 04:58:46
1.   jgpyke
The Bears didn't look like a third place team last night. (Nor did the Colts look like a first place team.) Of course, it's ludicrous to base everything on one game. I will say that if the Bears D can stay healthy (e.g., Mike Brown), they could win 10 games.
2008-09-08 15:19:01
2.   Gagne55
Does Brady's injury affect your AFC East order?
2008-09-08 20:29:30
3.   Scott Long
I would now give the Bills a 50 percent chance of winning the division, but I still think the Pats will win 10 games.

The Bears looked great and I think they have a chance to make the playoffs. I have them winning 9 games and falling just short, much like the Giants. Of course, I didn't think they would beat the colts.

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