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2008-09-05 14:15
by Will Carroll

I've never wanted to be Buzz Bissinger or like him, but damn, I've always wished I could write like the man. In this case, he's exactly right.

2008-09-05 14:49:31
1.   digmyearth
I"m not a Bissinger fan either, but I am a Giants and Bonds fan and I completely agree with this. Bonds was hated by the baseball media since his days in Pittsburg, and most of that same media is rejoicing in his exile from the game.

As for the wife and mother-in-law, that is such a vile act by a government that has no regard for civil rights or common decency. If they want to go after Bonds, that's fine- he's a player in the events and they can pursue it to the fullest extent of the law. That extent cannot include harrassing the spouse or mother-in-law or a possible witness. I would expect that from the old Soviet Union- not America. And the fact that this has been a news item for weeks now without major outcry is beyond me. These women are victims of malicious prosecution.

Back to Bonds, if this was Lance Armstrong instead of Barry Bonds, would the reaction be the same? Absolutely not.

It's schadenfreude and a pinch of rascism, plain and simple.

2008-09-06 07:12:24
2.   joyofsox
Yes, Bissinger is certainly right, but how many years behind the curve is he? He's admitting that it's just dawning on him NOW that the Feds see a huge target on Bonds's back and have been persuing him relentlessly to the exclusion of just about every other player? Jeez.

Also, Buzz says Bonds hates the media. I wonder why that would be. I assume that who hated who first is a "chicken or egg" debate, but considering the treatment he gets from the sports media, I'd say that to date Bonds has been cool, calm and collected.

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