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Palate Cleanser (Video Edition)
2008-09-05 09:15
by Will Carroll

Since the Palate Cleanser worked so well -- and special thanks to those of you that played along -- I decided to do a video version. I can pretend to be Alan Hunter ... no, wait, he was an asshole ... pretend to be Mark Goodman for a minute. YouTube continues to astonish and astound, so I'm going to go stream-of-consciousness videos here. I don't think you can embed videos in comments, but I'm sure you can post links.

See you in KeepReadingville ...

This dude just keeps impressing me. The guitar skills, the musical sensibilities, and now, the wacky covers:

This is one of Jenn's favorites (and take what you will from that!) If you thought Matt Damon was only funny when Sarah Silverman's around, you haven't seen this. Look, it's worth it just to watch Kristin Kreuk dancing:

Not to go political, but this song plays in the back of my head every time Sarah Palin comes on tv:

Tom Morello might be the most interesting artist around. The mere idea of doing "Guerilla Radio" acoustic is ballsy. Just me or does RATM seem just as powerful when you can understand the lyrics?:

Here's one for the haters. I can only wish this was a real video rather than just the song and a pic of Slash. You just keep giving me the ad impressions and hiding behind screen names. I never see you at Pizza Feeds and you'll never:

Speaking of GnR (or whatever it is today), when you're too weird for Axl Rose, you're a weird dude. I think this video of Cousin Buckethead sums it up:

It's amazing what you can find on YouTube, even old and really esoteric stuff. Here's one of my favorite singers (Tom Smith, from Editors) doing a cover of a song from one of my favorite bands:

And here's the real Prefab Sprout, goofy 80's hair and all:

Speaking of the 80's, here's one from when Madonna was unquestionably hot. Did anyone remember that Robert Wuhl was in this video? Of course, one of the downsides of YouTube is the sidebar, which told me that Hillary Duff did a cover of this. I'll take "Completely Unnecessary for $500, Alex!":

To close out the video ten pack ... wasn't that an MTV thing for a while? Can I get Martha Quinn in here? I bet she's still cute ... here's a newer band that I'm really digging called The Parlor Mob. They're kind of Zeppelin by way of The Darkness:

Hope you enjoyed ...

2008-09-05 11:30:29
1.   MC Safety
This might be a bit old, but still hilarious:
2008-09-05 18:40:53
2.   digmyearth
I loaded up the iPod with Prefab Sprout two weeks ago; I never in a million years would have guessed I see a video AND a cover tune from them. Great band that I assumed was forgotten. Thank you Will.

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