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Open Source Idiocy
2004-02-01 23:35
by Will Carroll

Every once in a while, I write something so boneheaded that I stun myself. I have a couple rules ... don't write angry, don't write based on one source unless that one is unassailable, don't write when I'm drunk, and read things through before hitting send.

My comment on "not giving things away" was combined with something else to make for something exceptionally poor sounding. While this isn't an excuse, consider my idiocy open source ... everyone can see my mistakes. While both tired and with a connection that was at best balky, I got a series of emails from someone named "Jesse" who pretty regularly berates me. In the midst of blasting me for not writing enough, he/she said that if I didn't release the formulas and results of last year's THRs, that I was ... well, the terms were colorful. Even better, after I sent a reply saying I had no intention of doing what he/she asked, very coincidentally, my email got pounded with virus emails, filling it to the brim and, for the first time ever, filling my base account. That sucked.

While I believe in transparency and STRICT sourcing/linking/quoting/crediting, I think everyone can understand that giving away my formulas, database information, and especially my sources is something that's not going to happen. I understand why some people would prefer that it's all open, but I'd prefer to be judged on my results or a comparison than anything else. (One of the things that will be a part of the IBWA is a rule or code for ethical sourcing, linking, and crediting.)

Results? That's something you're going to see. I've had the THR results for a while and I've intended to work on that article, but presenting statistics is a weak point of mine and with STP, I've just let it slide. It's coming and soon.

So, I hope I've cleared that up. I have never and will never take credit for anyone else's work. I realize that I'm lucky to be here and that that luck is largely the result of people helping me - great people like Peter Gammons and Lee Sinins - and I want everyone to have the chance to be as blessed as me. I've always said this was a journey that I wanted to bring as many people as possible along with me. I know not everyone can do the things I've had the chance to do, but when I do my job well, I can help you feel like you were there with me.

Sometimes, I do it right. Sometimes, I'm a moron. I think it's part of my charm.

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