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Not A Blogger, Part 10
2008-08-24 22:16
by Will Carroll

I've often said I'm not a blogger. I'm a writer. What I do isn't any different on this site, on BP, or in a book or magazine. The method of delivery seldom has anything to do with what I do, though linking is a bit of a crutch -- my recent Popular Science piece reminded me how much I lean on it for explanations.

So when I read a recent article about the Colts -- read here -- it reminded me of what a problem this is ... in comments. Buzz Bissinger famously equated the comments at Deadspin to what the bloggers write, which is like comparing the letters to the editor to a newspaper. (Conversation? When's the last time you saw a writer jump into comments on a larger blog? It's called hit count ...)

But read this:
"I wish people that blog realize that Lucas Oil Stadium was not built only for the Colts. 10 days out the year the Colts play in the new stadium. The new stadium will attract new conventions, concerts, bigger Final Four's."

The statement is a bit out of context but when he says "I wish people that blog ..." it's clear that he means people that COMMENT, not the writers. Heck, it's a web-posted article that will run in a daily paper, not even a blog based at the paper.

The word is starting to get mushy. As more people access it, you're not going to get early adopters out of the Ivy League. You're going to get stupid people from Podunk, Indiana who now think they can talk to 'them people in the big city.'

I am a writer who maintains a blog, but also writes in other formats. If you're a writer or a blogger, you'd better think about what people will be calling you.

2008-08-25 06:57:05
1.   JL25and3
Will, you're only saying this because you think "blogger" means "someone who writes a blog."

You should know better. "Blogger" actually means "an isolated, socially inept, underemployed man who is stuck in adolescence and lives in his mother's basement, staying up until all hours clad only in his underwear, typing anonymous, misspelled, ungrammatical and poorly-informed invective (in between visits to RPG and pornography websites)."

2008-08-25 13:56:16
2.   Tommy R
You're not a blogger, you just crush a lot.

2008-08-27 19:17:06
3.   jgpyke
Semi-OT, but whaddya think about the Mariotti announcement?

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