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Ipod Question
2008-08-20 17:09
by Scott Long

I have a creative nomad mp3 player, but I decided to buy an Ipod classic, because I had run out of memory.  (Here comes the SAT/ACT type question.)

My Ipod holds 80 gb.  I have been trying to figure out how to transfer the 40 gb of music I had on my Creative device, into my Ipod.  The only way I was able to figure it out was to move the music into a Word document (my music) and then transfer it over to the Ipod. The big problem with this is by doing this I am using a buttload of memory, which my desktop doesn't have.  To try to work around this, I deleted all the music I had in my desktop Itunes folder, as it was already loaded on my Ipod.  Problem is now my computer thinks my Ipod is an alein device. I now get a message saying I would have to get rid of what is on my Ipod to put anything new on it.  (Obviosuly this has defeated the purpose of what I was trying to accomplish.)

So here is where I could use suggestions.

  • How do I download the music I have on my Ipod back onto the Itunes folder?
  • Is there a way to transfer music from another MP3 folder into Itunes. (This is music that I downloaded off of CD's, not stuff I pulled off Napster, which I realize won't transfer.) I know I can do this by running it through a Word folder, but that middleman method takes up too much memory.

I'm actually planning on buying a new laptop, so that would help me with the problem of memory, as I should have enough to get this done.  I'm a still stumped on how to put what is on my Ipod into an Itunes folder, so than I can add the previous music I have in my Creative device. 

I realize that I have been going around in circles here, but hopefully someone can give me a tutorial to help me.  If you would prefer emailing me the info, send it to


Any advice on what laptop I should buy? Here are the basic parameters.

  1. It should be under $800.
  2. It should have a place to put a video SD card.
  3. It should have at least a 15 inch screen.
  4. It should have a decent reliability record.
  5. If should have a DVD player.

Obviously, with these qualifications, it isn't going to be an Apple, so don't try to sell me that direction.  I realize the advantages, but I need something cheaper and I'm hoping I can buy it at a place that will give some free financing. (This is not an absolute.)

I am aware that it doesn't look cool that I haven't posted in so long and when I finally do, it is a solitcitation from you guys.  The only place I can get any work done is on the road and my current laptop has the pesky problem of clicking backwards in the middle of something I'm working on and losing everything I've written.  (insert the nastiest curse words you can think of.  i have.)  Do know that I plan on posting a couple pieces next week.  I'm in Milwaukee Thursday through Saturday, so I should have a little time. Thanks for checking in. 

2008-08-20 18:17:31
1.   walbers
Scott, iTunes should be able to handle transferring all of your music into your iPod.

i've never used a nomad, but there must be a way to download all of that music as mp3 files onto your hard drive. put it in your my music folder.

load up iTunes and have it search for music files on your hard drive and it should be able to import those files from your nomad into iTunes. alternatively, you can just go to file/add folder with folder being the place where you saved your Nomad music.

Now, just plug in the iPod and drag and drop those new files onto your iPod.


I have no idea why, or how, you are using Word to facilitate this type of transfer.

rgds, will

2008-08-20 19:58:18
2.   jgpyke
Laptop? Dell. They start at $499 with a 15.4" screen (Inspiron 1525). We use Dells exclusively at work, and they hold up nicely. FWIW.
2008-08-20 20:06:37
3.   mehmattski
On a Mac, a simple way of getting music from an iPod back on the hard drive is the program Senuti (iTunes spelled backwards). It was recommended by a guy at an Apple Store (although he made me walk outside to tell me, because it's Apple's policy that music can only go from computer to iPod, not vice versa).

The iPod is capable of turning itself into an external hard drive of sorts. Can your nomad do this too? If so, then if you can copy music directly between the music players.

Also, on the iPod, don't select "sync automatically." Then you'll control the files you want to update, and follow the instructions in 1 .

Hope that helps a bit.

2008-08-20 23:38:05
4.   rafael00
For Windows, Floola is a good option, as is Ephpod. I'm sure there are others out there if you don't like those, but I'm partial to Floola.
2008-08-20 23:39:02
5.   rafael00
Oops, I should've explained that those are programs that you can use to get stuff from your iPod to your computer.
2008-08-21 13:56:59
6.   tommyl
Will you can also try SharePod which is freeware. I used it when my girlfriend's computer melted down and she wanted to get all the music off her iPod onto her new one. Just make sure to check the "enable disk use" tab in iTunes. Took all of 20 minutes to do it.
2008-08-21 13:57:40
7.   tommyl
6 Errr...Will=Scott. Sorry Scott.
2008-08-21 15:45:25
8.   blue22
I used CopyPod (now called CopyTrans apparently) when my iPod screen and controls went dead, put the port still worked to let me connect to my PC. I copied all my music to my PC/iTunes and then back on to my new iPod.
2008-08-21 17:30:17
9.   OaklandAs
You're making this much more difficult than it needs to be. Transfering music to iTunes is very easy (your second question).

1) Launch iTunes
2) From the File Menu, select 'Add File to Library' or 'Add Folder to Library'.
3) Navigate to and select the music to add.

By the way, your comment on not being able to add "Napster" music is not correct - any MP3, AAC, WAV, etc file can be added to iTunes, even "illegally" obtained ones.

2008-08-21 19:42:16
10.   Scott Long
I have followed all the steps oaklandas outlined. The nomad music folder doesn't come up. It is weird, but that is the case.

I was speaking of the current Napster, where I purchased downloads for 99 cents. Can I transfer those over? How do I do that?

Thanks for the other applications. I will give them a go. Oh, and by the way, I bought a refurbished Mac laptop today at best buy. They had an apple rep working in a store kiosk. I got the thing for less than 1000 and was able to get 2 years free financing. I have finally joined the cult.

2008-08-22 08:00:47
11.   Will Carroll
Oh! New Napster is "PlaysForSure" wrapped WMV. I'm not sure how/if you can strip that out and play it. There's a couple not-so-good techniques, like using AudioHijack to essentially re-record the stream to MP3. So the question really is can you rescue DRM-encoded stuff more than transport it.
2008-08-22 08:01:55
12.   Will Carroll
Looks like you'll have to use the same technique for stripping DRM from iTunes with Napster songs -- burn them to CD, rip them back into iTunes.
2008-08-22 10:52:40
13.   OaklandAs
What is the file format for your Napster purchased songs? Are they WMA files, or MP3 files? Some purchases from Napster are unprotected MP3s, and will import easily into iTunes. As Will said, if they are not MP3s, you will probably need to burn them to CD and re-import them into iTunes.

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