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2008-06-28 09:00
by Will Carroll

I got a flood of email yesterday -- naturally, about the time i was flying from Indy to New York -- asking what I'd done to piss off Buzz Bissinger. Bissinger called me out as "unfair" along with Firejoemorgan. My initial reaction is "huh?"

There are two possibilities -- the first is that he didn't like my coverage of his meltdown on Costas Now. The other is that he didn't like how I dealt with him during an interview I did with him about a year ago regarding his NY Times article regarding Kerry Wood and pitch counts. I think the interview was fair. Maybe he's mixing me up with Boog Sciambi.

I don't think I was unfair in either place. I even put the interview up at BPR so that people could hear it and make up their own mind. I honestly have no idea what Buzz is talking about here, but I know he knows how to reach me if he wants to discuss it.

2008-06-28 13:30:59
1.   chris in illinois
If Buzz would quit whining and use that time to research 'facts' for his work, he wouldn't have to be so damned defensive all the time.
2008-06-30 11:47:37
2.   jgpyke
From reading Buzz's interview at Deadspin, it's obvious that he is extremely thin skinned. I mean, he remembers all his book reviewers by name--WTF?

So when you wrote, back in May, that "he's he's an asshat of epic proportions," he's probably reacting to that now.

2008-06-30 22:43:00
3.   Suffering Bruin
Yeah, calling a guy an "asshat" will raise some hackles. Then again, if the shoe fits...
2008-07-01 06:58:10
4.   jgpyke
You mean, if the hat fits?
2008-07-01 08:10:35
5.   Scott Long
I'm currently wearing an asshat and it feels I have no idea why it's such a big deal to be called one.
2008-07-01 10:10:34
6.   chuie
An asshat was the defining prop in my all-time favorite Groundlings piece. But what's not to like about a skit that has the line "Bob Keester--he's an ass"? The other party guests were none too pleased when he sneezed on the salad.

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