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2008-06-12 14:01
by Will Carroll

There's no question that sites like Deadspin, With Leather, and similar are popular. I love reading them and often laugh out loud at some of their stuff. I'm certainly no Buzz Bissinger, but the problem I have with the sites is they don't produce much content. If you read them, you're just seeing funny commentary on things happening somewhere else. That's not a bad thing, just a different thing. Will Leitch is a very good writer, as he's proved in his other outlets, and is now moving on to another gig that will allow him more focus on that with New York magazine.

So I was wondering ... how hard is it to do Deadspin style commentary, linking, and even the occasional content. Scott's on some enforced downtime, so on Monday, we're going to turn The Juice into a Deadspin clone for a day. Lots of posts, lots of links, and we'll see how it works. We hope you'll join us for this experiment!

We're open for suggestions and hope many of you will comment, send us links to talk about, etc.

2008-06-12 14:25:49
1.   Ali Nagib
Take that, Buzz Bissinger!.... I mean, Will Leitch!.... I mean, wait, what's the point of this again?
2008-06-12 16:31:02
2.   Johan
Please wait until Bob institutes an "ignore blog" feature before trying this.
2008-06-12 16:31:38
3.   Johan
Or Ken, or whoever is in charge of this runaway train.
2008-06-12 16:50:08
4.   David Arnott
Context: Deadspin is in my RSS, but I haven't found With Leather, KSK, Sports By Brooks, or many other alleged sports humor sites particularly humorous.

If you're going to try to emulate Deadspin here, you're going to create a very dry product, because Deadspin posts are an example of how the author's tone can triumph over content, and how commenters can be the show. Leitch, et al, occasionally write their own pieces, but by and large, I think they simply set the tone for the comments on a given topic, and the commentariat take it from there, creating the experience.

Will, are you going to do it all yourself, or do you have pieces from others lined up? Will it be all baseball or pan-sport? The calendar has already dictated some of your decisions for you. If you're doing all sports, the U.S. Open needs a reflection, the NBA Finals game will need a reflection, and there're UEFA results, all on top of Sunday's baseball developments.

Just streaming thoughts...

2008-06-12 18:48:18
5.   Knuckles
4 What he said.

/dick joke

2008-06-12 19:35:35
6.   Scott Long
Good points, David. My plan is to have be about all sports, with some pop culture references scattered in. Kind of like what we usually do here, but with more of a specific focus. We will see, but I suspect it will be pretty readable.
2008-06-12 19:47:23
7.   Will Carroll
Hey Johan -- just leave.
2008-06-13 07:41:13
8.   TommyOPS
Would pics a certain baseball prospectus writer and a woman who's appeared in playboy qualify for a deadspin-like post? Wonder where I could find those
2008-06-13 09:02:38
9.   Scott Long
If you are discussing the pics of Joe Sheehan with Barbi Benton, I would like to see those as well.
2008-06-13 10:39:04
10.   TommyOPS
I also heard one about a wild night between Will, Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard, but unable to confirm it.

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